Substance Abuse in Children

Many children are exposed to drugs and alcohol at young ages, and substance abuse can become a problem even in early teens. However, children are also impacted by relatives struggling with substance use problems. The child of a parent who has suffered from addiction might experience feelings of self-blaming and shame that can increase risk for depression, anxiety, or relationship difficulties.

In either case, the goal of behavioral therapy is to provide both the child and the family with a safe space for expressing emotions, and tools effective coping.

Substance abuse in children can be treated when it is detected in the early stages, depending on the environment, children can access treatments that help them cleanse their body, preventing them from consuming any type of substance that is harmful to their health. It is important to go to a specialist when this situation is identified, since, in this way, future health problems or mental health problems that are caused by the substances consumed can be avoided in the child.

Children who have substance abuse must surround themselves with a safe environment that helps them overcome this situation, away from any contact with these substances, which can aggravate the problem or generate relapses in consumption.

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