Substance Abuse in Adults

Substance use disorders are common problem among Substance Abuse in Adults, and many go untreated: up to 10% of the US population have substance use issues, although only approximately 11% of these receive treatment. Substance use disorders range from problematic use to addiction; research indicates that even those without full-blown addiction problems benefit from behavioral therapy focused on increasing motivation to change, replacing substance use with rewarding activities, improving problem-solving skills, and facilitating positive interpersonal relationships.

Substance abuse in adults can be a disorder that has arisen since childhood or adolescence, which is why our specialists evaluate the antecedents of this addiction to find the best treatment and follow-up to have an adequate rehabilitation process that can achieve a process successful detox. Our professional therapists are experts in this type of situation, so they will find an appropriate therapy or treatment for each specific case.

Substance use can affect different environments in the lives of those who consume it, their performance in academic environments, their professional and personal lives, which is why the best solution for this disorder is to seek help in a timely manner, in our Center you can count on with the support of the best professionals in this field

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