Family Counseling and Post-Divorce Therapy in Westport, CT

Family Counseling and Post-Divorce Therapy, Within families, conflict may arise and lead to debilitating consequences, such as divorce. Some stressors that trigger family conflict are acute, such as loss of a job or a loved one; others are chronic and long-term, such as medical or psychiatric illness of a family member.

To help families prevent or positively cope with disagreements, the Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health offers family counseling and post-divorce therapy in Westport.

Family Counseling

Many families have not learned the skills to communicate effectively with one another and to manage conflict, and, even if they have, often these skills are inaccessible in the highly charged emotional environment of the home.

Effective family therapy allows each family member to be heard, and teaches skills in mindfulness, validation, self-regulation, and healthy expression of emotions. The overarching goal of family therapy is to provide a family with tools and a safe space to practice new skills, so that family members may reconnect, appreciate one another again, and go on to function well for years to come. It may also be useful in preventing future conflicts and possibly, divorce.

Post-Divorce Therapy

Most families are ill-prepared for the emotional impact of divorce, and its effects may vary among family members. The divorce process can be an emotionally and mentally taxing time, and it is only after the divorce is finalized in court when the people involved can start to recover and reinvent themselves.

During this time, you will need the structure, support, and resources of an experienced post-divorce therapist in Westport, CT. Post-divorce therapy is essential especially if there are children involved, as it helps you learn how to maximize you post-divorce relationship with your children and former spouse.

Following a thorough evaluation of your situation, needs, and goals, our therapists will develop a comprehensive therapy plan to help you rebuild yourself outside of a marital context and work toward being your best self.

Marriage and family conflicts can cause great emotional, mental, and physical suffering. Therapy can help each member of the family identify, understand, and correct problematic ways they deal with conflict and anger.

Our psychiatrists at the Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health are highly trained in marital counseling and therapy with families and children.

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