Couples Therapy in Westport, CT

Conflict in a marriage or other long-term relationship, as in any close partnership, is inevitable. In some cases, it is an opportunity for growth, learning, and deepening connections. In others, it is a source of greater divide, as the conflict escalates and leaves each partner feeling isolated and resentful. If you are looking for a Couples Therapy in Westport here you will find a solution

Amid the pressures of parenting, financial stress, and/or conflict between one another’s families, it is all too easy for the latter result to prevail. With the guidance and support of our trained therapists, however, couples can overcome the setbacks in their relationship and improve their understanding of each other.

Our trained psychiatrists will help you discuss, understand, and address the discontent in the relationship through our couples therapy in Westport, CT.

How Couples Therapy Works

Many couples have not learned the skills to effectively manage conflict with one another, or, even if they have, skills that work in other areas of life are inaccessible in the highly charged emotional environment of the marriage. Past traumatic experiences and/or early relationships conflicts can also impact an individual’s ability to effectively communicate with a partner, and block intimacy, connection, and peace.

Marital therapy can provide a safe space for each individual’s needs to be heard and validated, and allow couples to reconnect with one another. It may also be a starting point for each individual to begin his or her own exploration of past traumas or unresolved relationship issues.

We combine evidence-based, goal-oriented treatments and supplemental therapies until a resolution is reached. We incorporate the following approaches to relationship counseling:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) – CBT for relationship problems is used to resolve discontent in a relationship or marriage by improving communication between the clients. Its goal is to find ways the couple can accept their differences and work around them
  • Dialectic Behavior Therapy – DBT is used to help couples in high levels of conflict. DBT programs are designed for rebuilding intimacy and developing communication skills that will prevent or lessen future conflicts.
  • Emotion-focused Therapy – this method is designed to help couples express, accept, regulate, process, and modify emotion. It works by helping couples develop emotional intelligence, heal from past traumatic experiences, and make productive use of their emotions.

It is common for couples to have differences and disagreements, but when they lead to discontent and intolerable cycles of painful escalation, relationship counseling may be the best option.

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