Quick Reference DBT Skills


Teflon Mind: Let thoughts slide by
Wise Mind: Balance thoughts & feelings
Non-Judgmental: “just the facts”
Effectively: Choose effective over right

Emotional Regulation

Moment to Pause: Reflect before acting – “buy time”
ABC: Accumulate positives – Build mastery – Cope ahead
PLEASE: Physical health -Eating – Avoid drugs – Sleep – Exercise
Opposite to Emotion Action: Act opposite to urge

Interpersonal Effectiveness

DEAR MAN: Describe – Express – Assert – Reinforce
GIVE: Gentle – Interested – Validate – Easy Manner
FAST: Fair – Fewer Apologies – Stick to values – Truthful
Intensity of Request: Appropriate to situation

Distress Tolerance

Pros & Cons: Weigh advantages & disadvantages
Distract: Self Soothe – Improve the Moment
Radical Acceptance: Reality is as it is
Turning the Mind: Shift focus with willingness