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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy: An Element of Long-Standing Relationships

At first glance, couples therapy sounds intimidating. Deciding to see a therapist, after all, involves admitting that things are not perfect in a relationship. Experts consider couples therapy builds stronger and lasting, however. Seeing a counselor can teach couples communication skills and how to listen to their partner with fresh ears, for instance.

Some couples wait until an issue gets out of hand before they come to therapy. While it is normal for couples to experience conflicts and disagreements, regular relationship counseling can help couples overcome obstacles and improve their understanding of each other.

Improving Conflict Resolution

Most of the big issues that couples face started out small but festered. Therapy helps by equipping couples with the tools and techniques to improve the way they resolve an argument. Moreover, therapy teaches the couple that there are three sides to a conflict: the sides of both parties and the truth. With this way of thinking, couples can work together to come to an agreement.

More than viewing therapy as a solution to a crisis, though, couples would do well to consider it as an integral aspect of a healthy relationship. Knowing how to keep arguments from spiraling maintains the peace in a relationship, after all.

A Safe Space to Discuss Issues

Infidelity may be the most common reason why couples resort to therapy, but it could also help address similarly relevant issues, such as miscommunication, money trouble, and an unsatisfactory sex life.

A lack of communication, in particular, is a big concern for couples. And engaging in more conversations doesn’t necessarily improve communication. Effective communication stems from feeling heard, cared for, and respected. A therapist helps by studying a couple’s old communication patterns, then replacing them with positive ones.

Sensitive issues like a couple’s sex life, along with major life changes like career changes can destabilize a couple’s relationship and make them feel stuck. Therapy provides a safe space to discuss sensitive and complex issues and understand how the relationship may be failing to meet their expectations.

Understanding Different Perspectives

Couples therapy builds stronger and lasting bring different perspectives into their relationships. While it’s easy for one member to think from their point of view, they may lose sight of the overarching issue wherein both sides might be right and have a valid point.

When one person talks about their significant other, it’s possible for them to experience trouble understanding their partner’s views. Sometimes, they stick to their version of events which could cause mix-ups in communication.

A third party can help couples understand each other’s emotions and thought processes. With help thinking outside of their perspective, a relationship could come out stronger.

Arguments and disagreements are not necessarily a sign of a broken marriage; in fact, it could open the doorway to deeper levels of intimacy and connection. The Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health provides couples therapy to deepen your understanding of your partner and address issues of discontent in your relationship.

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