Welcome to the Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health

Our private group practice is comprised of dedicated psychotherapists, committed to providing comprehensive and individualized mental health services in a warm and nurturing environment. Serving children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families, we strive to meet the needs of all clients as they bravely work to navigate emotional and behavioral challenges. The clinicians at the Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health (CCBH) also extend consultation and training to members of the community and other professionals. Our team lends its resources, expertise, and support to help individuals, couples, and families recover from mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders.

Start Your Healing at CCBH

The mental health of our patients and the community is our top priority. Our team is ready to treat a range of conditions, from the simple and complex to the acute and chronic. After a thorough evaluation of your specific condition, needs, and personality, we will work together to create a comprehensive treatment plan.

Throughout your therapy program, you will gain the confidence, capacity and skills to manage the symptoms of your condition, and to deal with life situations in a more positive and productive way.

The clinicians at the Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health (CCBH) are aware that emotional and behavioral struggles of an individual may also greatly impact the whole family. Working closely as a team, we have the capacity to provide psychotherapy to the whole family within one practice. We also work diligently to develop relationships with community providers and psychiatrists to ensure that thorough and effective treatment is delivered.

At Center for Cognitive and Behavioral Health (CCBH) you can find advice to treat different types of disorders such as anxiety, depression or eating disorders.

Our specialists are professionals who have all the tools and experience at the service of our patients.

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